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About us

Ambianzz Bedding

Ambianzz Bedding is an importer and wholesaler of bedroom textiles. At Ambianzz Bedding we work with passion to provide you with high-quality products.

We offer a wide range of bedding with a perfect price-quality ratio.

We also try to work per season according to a NOOS principle (Never-out-of-stock) which means that we maintain our own stock and can deliver from this directly.

Our range is wide. We aim to be a total supplier in bed textiles with, among other things: duvet covers in different qualities and with designs for different target groups, fitted sheets in different qualities, mattress protectors, duvets and pillows. We also sell living accessories like curtains, fleece plaids and bath textiles.

Furthermore, we have a good internal logistic system, which allows us to show our stocks in real time to our partners and we have a smooth outflow of products. We also work with various external transport companies that deliver throughout Europe.

The Ambianzz Bedding team has a passion for, knowledge of and experience in bed textiles, making us remain innovative and surprising every time.