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Disclaimer for www.ambianzzbedding.com

On this page you will find the disclaimer of www.ambianzzbedding.com, as provided by Ambianzz Bedding B.V. In this disclaimer, we point out under which reservations we offer the information on our website.

Intellectual property

Use of the information on this website is free for as long as you do not copy it, distribute it or use or abuse it in any way. Information on this website can only be reproduced in correspondence with compulsory law.

It is not permitted to reproduce text, photographic or other material on this website without explicit written approval from Ambianzz Bedding B.V. Intellectual property rests solely with Ambianzz Bedding B.V.

Accuracy not guaranteed

If applicable:

We aim for the greatest possible accuracy in displaying the real and intended prices on our website. Any errors that occur and are recognizable as programming errors or typoes can never be a reason to claim or assume a contract or agreement with Ambianzz Bedding B.V.

Ambianzz Bedding B.v. strives for a website as complete and actual as possible. If despite our efforts the information or content on this website is incomplete or incorrect, we can not accept responsibility for this.

The information and/or products on this website are offered without any form of guarantee and/or liability to accuracy.  We reserve the right to alter, remove or republish these materials at any time, without prior notice. Ambianzz Bedding B.V. does not accept liability for any information on third-party websites we refer to by way of hyperlinks.


If this disclaimer for www.ambianzzbedding.com is modified, you will find the most recent version on this page.